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Today morning, it felt like its been a while since I posted. And just how long “a while” is became apparent when I saw that there has been no post for 2008 altogether! Can’t say that it was a memorable year, but all the same I am grateful for the year that was.

2009 started with travel as Vrushali and Neha left on the 1st to be in time for Bhabhi’s delivery. The baby took his time to make his appearance though and finally Bhai and Bhabhi were blessed with a boy mid last month. Neha’s terribly excited about the new arrival in the family. We celebrated her birthday at Ahmedabad and she had a nice time as she was aware of what to expect this time around. It was her favourite back forest cake too, so all the more enjoyable for her. Pics are coming up shortly on my flickr page as usual.

Been reading a lot of books of late since we joined a library just before the new year. Read a couple of novels by Agatha Christie (my obsession with Poirot continues) and also read a couple of John Grisham (Playing for Pizza, The Broker). Finally read Bill Cosby’s ‘Time Flies’. All were interesting. Did not like ‘The Broker’ so much, but it was tolerable.

We also went for a movie with the office team (‘Chandni Chowk To China’ or CC2C as it is called) and sadly Akshay Kumar disappointed us. The silver lining though was that the buffet lunch at Copper Chimney prior to the movie was awesome.

So much so for the status of affairs. Will post something more interesting (I hope) in the immediate future.


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